Questions about the Livinguard products

Dimensions of the face mask:

  • Size S: 13 x 17 x 1 cm
  • Size M: 14 x 17 x 1 cm
  • Size L: 15x 18 x 1 cm

For face masks we recommend size M for women and size L for men. However, please keep in mind that each face and head shape is individual and deviations can occur. Since the face masks are a highly sensitive hygiene article, the face masks cannot be replaced after opening the product packaging.

Please measure from the back of your Nose (right down your eyes) to your chin to determine your mask size. The ear loops can be adjusted as well.

Livinguard Maske Größen

Depending on the frequency of the use, it should be washed after about 7 days of use. Wash only with cold water (below 40 degrees). Then let it dry in the shade. Do not wring or pull the mask. Do not use bleach or detergents. Do not wash in the washing machine or dryer. Do not dry clean. Reusable up to 30 wash cycles.

We offer the LivinGuard Face Mask Pro both with and without exhalation valve. The valve should reduce the exhalation resistance and thus facilitate exhalation. This can be a relief, especially for everyday life. When you inhale, a membrane in the valve closes so that no viruses or bacteria can enter through the valve. Mouth and nose covers always reduce the distribution of aerosols in the room.

The 210-day usage period of the LivinGuard Face Mask Pro begins the first time the mask is worn. Tests have shown that the LivinGuard antiviral fabric technology is still active after 30 washes (if the mask is washed every 7 days). We therefore recommend a usage period of 210 days (30 washes).

The LivinGuard Face Mask Pro is provided with a unique antiviral coating. This coating inactivates bacteria and viruses. The mask only needs to be cleaned if contaminated by dirt or sweat. If the mask is worn daily and extensively, we recommend that the mask is cleaned once a week with cold water (see: “How do I wash masks and gloves?“).

Our products are dermatologically tested and so far there are no known allergies to the substances and fabrics used.

Yes, the LivinGuard Face Mask Pro is CE-certified as a medical device of risk class 1, according to EN 14683:2019. The effectiveness of the LivinGuard Technology used against SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses as well as influenza viruses has been proven in studies (RWTH Aachen / FU Berlin).

The LivinGuard fabric used in the mask requires gentle washing without detergents or bleach to maintain its active antiviral and antibacterial effect. High temperatures and aggressive detergents can eliminate the technology. Please follow washing recommendations from the question: „How do I wash the masks and gloves?“ to maintain the full functionality of the mask.

Our innovative technology is based on polycationic charges on the surface of the inner and outer layer of our mask. Per cm² there are 24 billion positive charges. Viruses and bacteria that approach the mask are attracted and inactivated. The technology of the outer layer has been tested for its inactivating effect against bacteria and viruses. The inactivation of the human coronaviruses 229E and SARS-CoV-2 has also been proven. The mask also protects against droplets and aerosols (a possible transmission route of the virus). The inner layer of the LivinGuard Pro and Ultra Masks offers additional protection with a filter effect of at least 95%. However, if you are in the vicinity of an infected person, the bacteria and viruses that get on the outer surface of the mask are eliminated by the antiviral substance. Please note: No fabric mask offers absolute protection for the wearer against a possible infection.

Viruses and bacteria have a negatively charged surface and this combines with the positively charged polycationic cotton of the LivinGuard Face Mask Pro. This connection leads to a breaking of the envelope of viruses and bacteria and an efficient inactivation. This is proven against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, this includes both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The LivinGuard Face Mask Pro is available in two versions, with and without valve. Both masks allow pleasant inhalation and exhalation. The face mask with valve also allows air to escape “unfiltered” through the valve during exhalation. Breathing out remains therefore easier. Our LivinGuard Face Mask Pro is made of high-quality materials so that it can be worn comfortably during work and in everyday life.

The LivinGuard Face Mask Pro consists of three layers. The inner and the outer layer are made of 100% cotton with antiviral and antibacterial LivinGuard technology. A filter medium made of 100% polypropylene suits between these two layers (with the LivinGuard Ultra Mask there are two filter layers). On the outside, there are rubber bands with an adjustment aid. Together with the nose clip, the mask can be individually adapted to the shape of the face. A positive side effect for people who wear glasses: this reduces the fogging of the glasses.

Dimensions of face mask Pro:

  • Size M: 14 x 17 x 1 cm
  • Size L: 15 x 18 x 1 cm

    We recommend size M for women and size L for men. However, please keep in mind that each face and head shape is individual and deviations can occur. Since the face masks are a highly sensitive hygiene article, the face masks cannot be replaced after opening the product packaging.

Questions about the order process

Please note: Due to the currently very high demand, shipping takes 3-5 working days.

The prices stated on the product pages include the statutory value added tax and other price components. In addition to the indicated prices we charge the following shipping costs per order. 

The shipping costs are again clearly indicated on the product pages, in the shopping cart system and on the order page.

Germany:3.90 Euro
Europe:4.90 Euro

Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

The delivery time is currently 3-5 working days due to high demand.

Yes, you can return the delivered goods within the revocation period or revoke your contractual declaration as long as you have not opened/used/tried the goods, since they are highly sensitive hygiene products.

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